• Did you know that ... live enzymes are found in honey?

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Evva Honey

Quality is our Priority

We guarantee that no value is taken out, no cane sugar, corn sugar or anything, is ever added.  
The flavor and nutritious quality of our raw honey is carefully preserved by processing it with time-honored old world techniques, unlike most packers, who use temperatures up to 160 degree fahrenheit to pasteurize and filter, in order to avoid crystallization.  
We only warm our honey to under 105 degree fahrenheit to facilitate handling. 

One of the best European Honey I ever tried

Ordered once and i still keep ordering! Good job guys! Love your product!!!


Best Honey Ever

All our family loves Evva Honey. All flavors are AMAZING !!!


Pure Honey

I found out about Moldova only by buying this honey. Great product. Thank you Thank you Thank you !!!


For those who love a natural sweetener with antioxidants, iron, and fiber. Warning! The unique blend of ingredients is harvested by Moldavian beekeepers to retain all of its natural properties. This breakthrough recipe delivers natural healing properties for skin blemishes, immunity, and sore throats. Yes! Discover the ultimate raw honey to delight your tastebuds without any additives or preservatives.

Gift Bundle

Looking for something for someone special? A gift bundle to our store is the perfect idea!